Protect your skin

Our skin is our largest organ and it is always exposed to the elements. We must ensure we protect it at all times.

Everyday our skin comes into contact with the environment which may include some chemicals and toxins. Some of these can be just as damaging to our skin as the suns UV rays. They can be accountable for causing irritations to our skin such as redness and itching.

UV radiation can decrease the levels of collagen in our skin resulting in loss of elasticity and fine lines appearing. Environmental pollution can weaken skin which leads to dehydration so moisturising is a key factor in protecting skin.

Prevention is always better then cure, treating your skin with a basic yet effective beauty regime will ensure your skin stays protected.


To prevent reactions to our skin caused by the environment, ingredients such as Betaine and Aloe Vera can work to help restore collagen and elasticity to our skin preventing signs of ageing, skin dryness, loss of elasticity and other irritations.

Natural Betaine is an ingredient that works to help improve skin elasticity and cell regeneration helping to fight the effects of environment to our skin.

Protect your skin with Passion for Natural Aloe Vera Lotion